Thursday, June 5, 2008

It will hit the fan now.

It will not be financially difficult for Obama to cut off PAC and Lobbyist financing. However, it will be very hard on his campaign in other ways. Washington Politicians, Lobbyists, and PACs have a vested interest in keeping the current system of "Pay to Play" in place. Their very livelihoods depend on it.

I believe Washington will stop at nothing to bring Obama down for having the audacity to propose that "regular people" in America will take precedence over entrenched Washington insiders.

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dmarks said...

He'll have the power of many 527's like "Move On" with their vast funding at his disposal. Also, unions have stolen millions of dollars from workers in the past to run campaigns for Democratic presidential candidates. It will happen again, most likely. Here's a link to a story about workers fighting to get the stolen money back.

One of the disappointing things about Obama in his 2nd book was when he said he didn't feel bad about feeling beholden to special interests and their donations, if it is from union leaders. It seems that his new politics still includes picking and choosing which special interests he likes.

(Yes, I read this book, and found out about his stand on this from the pages. Not from some anti-Obama blog or radio host).