Saturday, December 15, 2007

Winter Vacation

We are off to the edge of the Sonoran Desert. We look forward to seeing our Mexican neighbors in the little town we go to. Most are fishermen and ranchers. Life is good and the people are kind.

At night we will build a fire in the fireplace. During the day we will walk on the beach and do yoga, read, and eat.

When we go to dinner, the food will be cooked in a family kitchen. There will be one course for everyone and it will be wonderful. Our family can eat for 10$. We have to bring our beer if we want one. The restaurant on the beach is a little more expensive, but they have tortilla soup! They also make a great seviche accompanied by a Spanish guitar and a beautiful sunset.

Life will slow down. No phone, no computer, no traffic, no bills, school, or work. We might get bored, but that can be a blessing once in a while.

Sometimes we hike up a desert escarpment or take the jeep down a dirt road to the North. There is nothing out there for miles and miles. We make sure we have water and a VHF radio. Not that such things would help much. It does make me feel better.

I will keep my eyes open for a small, cheap sailboat. I know, you have never heard “cheap” and “sailboat” in the same sentence. We are right on the beach and each afternoon the sea breeze pipes up to 15 knots. It is a shame not to have a little boat.

I also want to get masks and snorkels for the kids. The water may be too cold, but you never know. My kids don’t seem to mind the cold when there is something fun to do.

I will update, if anything interesting happens. There is an internet café in the small town.

Have a great holiday,


Thursday, December 13, 2007

Ron Paul

I can see why this man appeals to people. He makes a lot of sense.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The Republican debate - Global warming.

Pinch me! Are these actually Republicans?!?!?

Check it out.

Good for them. I feel better that they are dealing with the issue constructively.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

How is this for a tight spot.

Turns out that, with the new National Intelligence Estimate (NIE), Iran is not working as hard on WMDs as the administration has led us to believe. Turns out Bush was briefed on this four months ago. He does not remember. Now the President is having to explain why he held up the NIE, why he talked about World War 3 and why he has been so gung ho on starting a war with Iran with troops he does not have.

Here is the press conference from this morning.

I wonder if Rove will try to blame the march to war with Iran on the Democrats in Congress. You have to admit Karl has a lot of hutzspa. I can hear it now: "The President, and Vice President, did not want to go to war in Iran. They were just responding to pressure from Tom Dachel, I mean Nancy Pelosi, and Ralph Reed, I mean Harry Reid. Yeah, that was it, it was Harry Reid."

Sunday, December 2, 2007

China denies US warships enty into Hong Kong.

What is this all about? Bad weather forces US warships to skirt through the straight between China and Taiwan. The fleet usually would avoid this area, but could not, after being denied entry to Hong Kong harbor by the Chinese.

More from McClatchy:

China has now refused entry to nine U.S. Navy vessels into Hong Kong harbor. On Friday, Navy officials said China denied permission to a U.S. Air Force C-17 flight that had been scheduled for a routine re-supply of the U.S. Consulate in Hong Kong.

The sudden port denials have angered Pentagon officials, and baffled U.S. policymakers puzzling over the message China seeks to send.

Giuliani = Authoritarian

Do you really want another authoritarian to lead the executive branch of our democracy?