Thursday, February 28, 2008

How to attack Barak Obama if you have no shame

Step one:

Point out that as talented as Obama is, he is still young, uppity, and not Episcopalian. The base will know what you mean.

Step two:

Throw a bunch of veiled racist rhetoric at Obama, then argue that it is just regular campaign criticism, you would use against anyone. After all Obama is Black, you are being called a racist only because he is different. Again, you are the victim.

Step three:

Highlight Obama’s odd name while confusing it with terrorists names, thus equating Obama with terrorists. The goal will be to peel off some ignorant voters who don’t know anyone not named john, paul, or joe.

Step four:

Point out Obama’s non-American father. Throw anything you can against the wall. See if you can peel off some voters who have never been out of the United States. See if you can push the thought that he will be less loyal to America because he knows people in other places and some of them are family.

Step five:

Find some way to question Obama’s patriotism. The goal is to cast doubt about who Obama will be working for as president, us or the foreigners in his family. You can do this by showing him being liked by people in other countries. If they like him then he must not be a true American.

Step six:

Go after Obama’s wife. She is smart and outspoken. Paint her as a powerful woman who will have undue influence on a president.

Step seven:

Highlight Obama’s family upbringing. After all how can a man not raised by his natural father be a stable president.

Step eight:

Find something sexual or racist in Obama’s past. For example did he ever date a white woman? If he did, then highlight that a lot. Some voters, that would vote for a black man, would change their minds if he ever dated a white woman.

Step nine:

Show how the minorities, poor and young people love Obama. People don’t trust a man who’s base is not rich, white, old people. If he is liked by the poor, non-white, and young, then there is something to be worried about.

Step ten:

Make stuff up as needed. Anyone named Barak Obama, instead of John Smith, is worthy of doubt.

The overall theme must be to focus on Obama’s “otherness.” Someone so unique must be untrustworthy. He is black so not like most Americans. He was raised, in part, outside the country so not like most Americans. He has a weird name, so is not like most Americans.

If you have no shame, and no moral foundation, you will be willing to focus the public on how he is somehow not like "us" and thus can’t be trusted.

Monday, February 25, 2008

If you still think we live in a Democracy - watch this

The political prosecution of Don Siegelman. And if you ever thought our media was left leaning, guess what major "leftist" media outlet had "technical difficulties" during the broadcast. Yup that is right, it was not shown in Don Sigelman's part of Alabama by the CBS affiliate.

How would this be different if this were the communist country of China or the dictatorship of Pakistan? It wouldn't.

Friday, February 22, 2008


I have a friend that just turned 60. He is a great guy and has been very successful in business. I asked him why not retire? He said, what would I do? So I made him a list. Unfortunately I left my list at work. I will post it someday soon.

Until then I have a thought. Why don't we all find a candidate to work for in the House or Senate race. There has to be someone around the country you like. Give them money. Volunteer in some way. If you are not inspired by you rep, then find someone who represents your values and call their headquarters. Ask what you can do from out of state. Perhaps you can write letters. If all Americans found someone that inspired them, and then worked to get them elected, our democracy would represent all of us.

Just a thought.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

John, John, John.

Oh my, we seem to have a story here. It seems that John wrote some unusual letters advocating the lobbiest's position before the FCC. Well, you can just slap me silly, we got us a humdinger, don't we?

TPM has more detail.

Question: can everyone now switch to Ron Paul or Barak? I think Dick Cheney just had a heart palpatation.

What is the real McCain story?

Is it that he might have screwed around on his wife? Is it that he was getting a little something in his Senate Office? I don’t think that either of these is a story. Then again I am not what Pundits would call a “values voter.” I, of course beg to differ on who is a values voter. One of my values is that some guy cheating on his wife is not my business. I believe we should give the McCains some privacy on this issue.

So, since I really do not want to know what John McCain does with his anatomy below his belt, what is the real issue for me? I want to know what John might have given to the industry this woman represented. If his votes cannot be called into question then, as far as I am concerned, the issue goes away. I may wonder about John’ judgment in getting involved with someone who could make us question his voting record. Then again, I cannot expect him not to form friendships with people he sees all the time.

At this point I do not know if there is really a story here. Let’s look at the voting record and find out.

On another note, I would not want to be John McCain when he talks to his wife. I will also be interested to see how the “values voter” bends over backward to forgive McCain for his alleged sexual transgression, while still seething over exactly the same behavior from Bill Clinton.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Olberman - Right on the money again.

T's Place - Minneapolis

If you have not been to this restaurant you need to go. It is great ethnic food at great prices. Bring your feed bag. You will eat a lot or have plenty to take home for lunch tomorrow.

T's Place:

T's Place is owned by Chef Tee Belachew. Tee was born in Ethiopia and has been in the Twin Cities for 16 years. Tee became passionate about cooking at a young age when his Auntie Wyzro Bezunesh Belachew taught him traditional home cooking.
Tee became a partner with Singaporian Chef Kin Lee in 2002 after they went on a culinary tour of Europe and Asia to research spices. In 2006, Tee decided to go out on his own and establish T's Place. All of his food is made from scratch and features authentic and flavorful meals full of delicious blends of mouth watering spices.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

This makes me so mad.

The fact is that the Aministration was "stovepiping" intellegence data, so that the intellegence community would give them an NIE (National Intellegence Estimate) that was favorable to the conclusions they wanted.

It is not true, as Secretary Rice states, that the Administration simply took the NIE and responded to it's conclusion. Again, the Administration gave clear signals, to the CIA, that they wanted a specific conclusion drawn by the NIE. They even went so far as to create a new department (The Office of Special Plans) in the DOD, full of people with little intellegence experience but an anti-Iraq agenda, to give them what they wanted to hear. They did this in case their efforts at "stovepiping" went unheeded at the CIA. When the CIA capitulated, and the Office of Special Plans, concluded what they had created it to conclude, they took it and ran with it.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I can't wait to take my daughter to this movie.

Friday, February 8, 2008

DUI not funny but.....

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Very Curious

Who is Steven Bradbury?
(Plus Update 1 )

It seems that President Bush is willing to hold up all judicial and executive brench nominees to get this one guy confirmed as assistant Attorney general for the Department of Justic'e Office of Legal Counsel.

Harry Reid, Senate Majority Leader, agreed to a deal that allows more than 84 of the President's nominees to go through Senate confirmation. Bush shot the deal down if Bradbury was not among those confirmed. “It’s Brabury, or nobody,” Bush reportedly told Reid. Here it is from Reid

Why does Bush care that much? Let's look into it.

From the New York Times:

"Late last year, Democrats urged the White House to withdraw Mr. Bradbury’s name once and for all and find a new candidate for the post after it was disclosed in news reports in October that he was the author of classified memorandums that gave approval to harsh interrogation techniques, including head slapping, exposure to cold and simulated drowning, even when used in combination.
Mr. Bradbury’s memorandums were described by Democrats as an effort by the Bush administration to circumvent laws prohibiting torture and to undermine a public legal opinion issued by the Justice Department in 2004 that declared torture to be “abhorrent.”

From Talking Points Memo:

"It took two days of hearings for the Senate Judiciary Committee to reinforce its consensus that Michael Mukasey should be attorney general. The panel asked Mukasey tough questions about torture, detentions, surveillance and the president's inherent wartime powers. But those questions might have been misdirected. That's because an obscure Justice Department lawyer, Steven G. Bradbury, the acting head of the Office of Legal Counsel (OLC), might actually be more important to the war on terrorism than the attorney general.
It's also a position that's arguably more important to the administration too, since the OLC chief has the power to issue what former chief Jack Goldsmith
called "an advance pardon" for dubious activities."

So the President wants to nominate a guy that is at the hart of two very contraversal issues, torture, and pardons for alleged misdeeds at Justice and in the White House. Bush wants to put him in the Justice Department. Is it any wonder that the Senate would be reluctant to confirm him. It turns out it is not clear yet that he did not assist in the White House' commission of a crime, in his work at the Office of Legal Counsel .

"Bradbury has been serving as the acting head of the office since early 2005, he's never been confirmed for the spot. Senate Democrats continue to express opposition to Bradbury's nomination and say he remains in the position illegally....In August 2006, three Democratic senators, Dick Durbin (D-IL), Ted Kennedy (D-MA) and Russ Feingold (D-WI), blocked Bradbury's nomination in a maneuver to compel the Bush administration to disclose more about its warrantless surveillance program. Around that time, President Bush personally quashed a review by the Justice Department's Office of Professional Responsibility into the propriety of DOJ lawyers who approved the program. The Democrats countered that they couldn't confirm Bradbury until he was formally cleared of wrongdoing. "

Wow, why would Bush want to make his last stand on a guy this controverasal? Is ego getting in the way of governance?

(Update 1:

Aha! I think I've got it! Listen to Murkasey's comments today:

"Delahunt: You said if an opinion was rendered, that would insulate him from any consequences.

MM: We could not investigate or prosecute somebody for acting in reliance on a justice department opinion.

Delahunt: If that opinion was inaccurate and in fact violated a section of US Criminal Code, that reliance is in effect an immunity from any criminal culpability.

MM: Immunity connoted culpability.

Delahunt: This is brand new legal theory.

MM: Disclosure of waterboarding was part of CIA interrogation and permitted by DOJ opinion, would and should bar investigation of people who relied on that opinion.

Delahunt: Let's concede that waterboarding is in contravention of international obligation. If opinion rendered that amounted to malpractice, whoever employed that technique, simply by relying on that opinion would be legally barred from criminal investigation.

MM: If you're talking about legal mistake, there is an inquiry regarding whether properly rendered opinions or didn't. But yes, that bars the person who relied on that opinion from being investigated.

Delahunt: I find that a new legal doctrine. The law is the law.

MM: If it comes to pass that somebody at a later date that the opinion should have been different the person who relied on the opinion cannot be investigated.

Delahunt: Is there a legal precedent.

MM: There is practical consideration.

Delahunt: I can't cite you a case."

So let me get this straight. If Bradbury is appointed and issues opinions that are favorable to the White House, no matter what the laws enacted by Congress require, then the White House is immune from prosicution.

There it is, Congress has just been written out of our government. The President has all the power. He or she can appoint insiders to the Justice Department and basically do whatever he or she wants when his or her appointments, at Justice, write opinions (many secret even from Congress) supporting whatever they want to do. No fear of accountability to anyone.

Are you frightened yet?

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Super Delegates - Interesting

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Yes We Can

Monday, February 4, 2008

Jamie Cullum

Great song!

"All At Sea"

I'm all at sea
Where no-one can bother me
Forgot my roots
If only for a day
Just me and my thoughts sailing far away
Like a warm drink it seeps into my soul
Please just leave me right here on my own
Later on you could spend some time with me
If you want to
All at sea
I'm all at sea
Where no-one can bother me
I sleep by myself
I drink on my own
Don't speak to nobody
I gave away my phone
Like a warm drink it seeps into my soul
Please just leave me right here on my own
Later on you could spend some time with me
If you want to
All at sea
Now I need you more than ever, I need you more than ever, now
You don't need it every day
But sometimes don't you just crave
To disappear within your mind
You never know what you might find
So come and spend some time with me
We will spend it all at sea
Like a warm drink it seeps into my soul
Please just leave me right here on my own
Later on you could spend some time with me
If you want to
All at sea

Friday, February 1, 2008


Exxon's annual profit was $40.6 billion (by the way, this is net income, that is, after-tax income). This exceeded the record $39.5 billion Exxon earned in 2006. Exxon's income, before taxes, in 2006 was 67 billion and they paid almost 28 billion in taxes.

At least someone is making money in this economy. Taxpayers will be happy to know that we gave the oil industry 14.5 billion in subsidies in 2006.