Saturday, July 7, 2007

Brothel Bust in Minneapolis

"The 41-year-old 3M engineer from Woodbury sat quietly on the bed in his underwear, arms behind his back in handcuffs."

I live in the city with my family. I am frustrated by families that move to the suburbs for "safer neighborhoods" and then come into the city to participate in crime. They come back to buy drugs or hire women for sex. The hypocrisy is amazing to me.

We have good friends that helped shut down a house of prostitution in their wealthy city neighborhood five years ago. They kept track of the license plates of the johns going in and out of the house.

When the police investigators ran the plates they found over 90% of the men lived in the suburbs. One was even a police officer, another was on the suburban city council. Most of the johns were family men that would stop by for sex on their way to or from their white collar jobs in the city. Almost all had families with children.

I often wonder how much safer the city would be if suburban men did not use our wonderful city to buy drugs and pay for sex.

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