Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Libby skates with 5mil in his defense fund.

I can hear it now: "but his still has to pay the $250,000 fine." Yeah right, he has five million dollars that have been donated to his defense fund.

Libby's only punishment for lying to a Grand Jury and the FBI during an investigation of the outing a CIA agent, in a time of war, is he will have to show up for his probation meetings for the next two years.

I agree with Josh Marshall:

"Many others will note this but I feel obliged to do so for the record. The real offense here is not so much or not simply that the president has spared Scooter Libby the punishment that anyone else would have gotten for this crime (for what it's worth, I actually find the commutation more outrageous than a full pardon). The deeper offense is that the president has used his pardon power to shortcircuit the investigation of a crime to which he himself was quite likely a party, and to which, his vice president, who controls him, certainly was."


By the way, if you really think that it was Armatage that outed Plame then why did Scooter lie?

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