Sunday, December 2, 2007

Giuliani = Authoritarian

Do you really want another authoritarian to lead the executive branch of our democracy?


Leo said...

Right on! The good mayor IMHO is an authoritarian. He leads by fear and intimidation. No doubt he was the right person to pick New York out of the gutter (ironic?) in the 90's I fail to see what people see in this man who so completely fails the morality test. But this is America and people have the right to be wrong.

Andrew said...

I think he will implode the longer he is in the spotlight. For the good of all of us, I would like it if both parties at least picked credible candidates. It turns out that most of the drop in crime he takes credit for was the result of 1. 4000 more officers budgeted for by the previous Mayor. 2. A national drop in violent crime as the nation became more affluent in the 90s. 3. A police chief, that he did not hire.