Thursday, December 13, 2007

Ron Paul

I can see why this man appeals to people. He makes a lot of sense.

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Leo said...

There is a lot to like about Ron Paul. I must admit that freedom in areas like drugs and prostitution is a little scary but the states could straighten out those issues once power is conferred.

My key for voting for Ron Paul is his foreign policy. We have to stop fighting the worlds battles and threatening by our presence near Russia and China. After all how would the US react to Russia establishing bases in Mexico and Canada?

I must admit too that the health care issue might improve under Ron Paul as well. Removing the Feds would probably moderate medical

The IRS and Federal Reserve Issues are more complex to me. I don't think that a Ron Paul presidency would be allowed to close both down.

Anyway the old man has an almost impossible uphill battle but I'll support him to the end.