Thursday, February 21, 2008

What is the real McCain story?

Is it that he might have screwed around on his wife? Is it that he was getting a little something in his Senate Office? I don’t think that either of these is a story. Then again I am not what Pundits would call a “values voter.” I, of course beg to differ on who is a values voter. One of my values is that some guy cheating on his wife is not my business. I believe we should give the McCains some privacy on this issue.

So, since I really do not want to know what John McCain does with his anatomy below his belt, what is the real issue for me? I want to know what John might have given to the industry this woman represented. If his votes cannot be called into question then, as far as I am concerned, the issue goes away. I may wonder about John’ judgment in getting involved with someone who could make us question his voting record. Then again, I cannot expect him not to form friendships with people he sees all the time.

At this point I do not know if there is really a story here. Let’s look at the voting record and find out.

On another note, I would not want to be John McCain when he talks to his wife. I will also be interested to see how the “values voter” bends over backward to forgive McCain for his alleged sexual transgression, while still seething over exactly the same behavior from Bill Clinton.


Unforced Rhythms of Grace said...

The big difference is this. The Times offers no proof and John did not commit perjury. Where as Bill admitted the affair and had committed perjury. Now, I had thought and continue to think there was much ado about nuttin back with Bill. I had other issues. I think what some of the value pundits are trying to argue is this: If a man can be unfaithful to his wife, he will be unfaithful to his office. You can clearly see this with Detroit's Mayor Kwame. It is not the sex, it is the fact that he conspired to fire these men for investigating a murder and then lied about it in court. If he had been a faithful husband, there would not have been his crime and perhaps a murder.

Andrew said...

I am with you on this for the most part. I do think that what you do in your marriage is an indicator of what you might do to the people you represent. Unfortunately the bar for politicians is set pretty low for me. Most politicians have had to sell their souls too many times by the time they run for president.

If I had to make a choice, I would choose a man, or woman, who cheats on their spouse and not the public. Perhaps there is no way they are not doing both. I feel we now have a president, and staff, that may be faithful to their wives and have lied repeatedly to the American People. They have made many poor decisions and manipulated the people with fear and propaganda. For my two cents, give me the other guy anytime.