Wednesday, May 2, 2007


Rahm Imanuel:

Madam Speaker, the list of Republicans under investigation or resigning in this administration in disgrace keeps growing. This morning The Washington Post reported,

Julie MacDonald, the Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Interior Department, resigned just as she was being investigated for changing scientific reports to protect the interests of oil and gas companies and real estate developers, all the people she was supposed to be actually holding accountable. I wish this was an isolated case in the Bush Administration.

This morning the New York Times reported the Department of Commerce Inspector General faces three separate investigations into the conduct of his office.

Scott Bloch, the Special Counsel at the Justice Department, is being investigated for the management of his office.

Lurita Doan at the GSA being investigated for the politicization of the offices.

Monica Goodling at the Justice Department resigned.

Sue Ellen Wooldridge at Justice stepped down.

Matteo Fontana, at the Department of Education, has to step aside.

David Safavian, OMB, has been prosecuted.

Steve Griles at the Interior Department had to step down.

All have had their conduct scrutinized while in a professional office. It is time, for in fact it justifies why, this Congress is doing its job of oversight and accountability and bringing people’s professional conduct in order.

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