Thursday, May 3, 2007


No matter what a person's position was four years ago. We have to admit this fact, the war in Iraq is done for America. It is just a matter of time and lives until the conclusion is realized. None of us is happy about this. We all wish things had been done better. The country knows the war is lost, and some Republicans know it. Virtually all the Democrats know it.

Which brings me back to the Republicans. I suspect most of them also know the war is lost, but are too afraid to say so.

When you vote next time, ask yourself this, did my Republican legislator admit the debacle in Iraq and do something about it, or did they tow the party line? If they did not fall on the side of admitting the obvious, then ask yourself the next question, is my representative doing their job, or just what is personally and politically expedient? Are they representing their constituency or sucking up to the person in power, no matter how deluded he is?

We do not have the same test for Democrats at this point. I am sure we will have the opportunity to test their ability in the years to come. For now we just need to focus on what we know, we have a whole bunch of Republican sheep who do not belong in Congress.

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