Monday, May 28, 2007

Yada, Yada

From Greenwald:

The Bush administration is developing what are described as concepts for
reducing American combat forces in Iraq by as much as half next year, according
to senior administration officials in the midst of the internal debate.
is the first indication that growing political pressure is forcing the White
House to turn its attention to what happens after the current troop increase
runs its course.

For four straight years, the same set of war supporters have constantly and repetitiously given the same exact false assurances about Iraq -- virtually verbatim -- in order to protect themselves politically. It is hard to know what is more amazing about this ritual -- (a) how stupid they believe Americans are that they can make the same commitments over and over which never transpire, or (b) that the press jumps each time to proclaim the imminent troop reductions as though it never happened before

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