Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Bush in the Middle East

Why is it that when a US President gets to the last year of his presidency he wants to solve the “Israel Palestinian problem?” Clinton almost pulled it off and only the last minute cold feet of Arafat stopped him. Now it is the supremely obtuse Bush, who can’t know much about the complexities of the problem or it’s history, who will give it a try. I wish him luck.

And another thing:

Have you noticed the “Promoter of democracy” in Iraq does not seem to be interested in doing the same for either Saudi Arabia or Egypt. I am not saying that democracy should not be promoted in the Middle East but if Bush has any chance of being taken seriously by anyone he should at least pay lip service to promoting it for Palestinians, Saudis, and Egyptians. Perhaps we should be relieved since his last Democracy Promotional Tour has cost us half a trillion to date.

I have an idea. We might be better off if we just gave each dictator about fifty billion and an island. It would save us lots of money. Oh, I forgot. Bush can’t do that. How would his supporters at Halliburton make billions from our Treasury if we just gave it to the dictator to leave. Not to mention some new dictator would just take over, because democracy was not achieved organically.

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