Thursday, January 31, 2008

Simple Things

Has anyone else noticed that our lives have become so complicated that we don’t fully appreciate them? A good song and a glass of wine go almost unnoticed.

When I was in college I lived in Boston for the summer. I was training for cross-country and cleaning floors in the nuclear engineering labs at MIT. I would get up and run ten to twelve miles along the Charles River. At three o’clock I would get a bagel and cream cheese and go to work the second shift. I would have eaten more, but I had to live on ten dollars a week until I got a pay check. I remember thinking how much I just wanted a Coca Cola. I could not afford the extravagance. I vowed that when I made some money I would have a whole closet full of Coca Cola.

I now have two houses and three cars. I have a wonderful family. We eat well, and watch movies, or go out to dinner, when we want to. I often wonder if, in our hyper-complex lives, we miss how good a simple thing like a can of Coke, or a good song, can be.

Perhaps I should clear out a closet this weekend. I will put in a single can of Coke, just to remind me to be happy with the little things.

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