Wednesday, January 30, 2008

John Edwards ends his bid.

I am sorry to see John Edwards end his bid for President. I would have been happy to have worked and voted for him, had he won the nomination. He was my second choice in a field packed with worthy candidates. My hope is he is offered the job of Attorney General if a Democrat wins the Presidency.

We have lost a strong voice for the poor in John’s ending. He made his career fighting for the disenfranchised against corporate America. The cynical among us will say that fighting corporate America was where the money was for him. They will say that what we don’t need as a lawyer as President. I beg to differ. We should have a lawyer as President. We should have a man or woman who will understand the law and how it defends the rights of less fortunate Americans. We elect a President to fight for all Americans, not just the big campaign donors or those who can afford to hire lobbyists.

Let us hope that whoever prevails will remember John’s message of working for those in poverty and near poverty. These are people who have been ignored by Washington for far too long.

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