Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Perp Walk

I have a question. Why was Ms. Spitzer standing next to her husband when he resigned? We have seen it time and time again. Man does bad. Woman stands by her man. I can understand it, to some extent, when a man does something like stealing money. But if a man sleeps with a prostitute, or a man sleeps with another man, why does his wife stand there?

I can imagine my wife saying, “dude, you are on your own for this press conference. I may choose to work through this with you, but I did not run for governor, you did. I did not sleep with some hussy, you did. You stabbed me in the back. Don’t expect me to suck it up in front of the press.”

I can also imagine her saying “OK, I will stand next to you only if I can slap you silly at some time during the press conference.”

I wonder what women are thinking when they see Ms. Spitzer standing there? Do they think, “she has to stand by him because she said: ‘for better or worse, until death do us part.’” Or, do they think, “not me, I would cut his *&^% off.” Or, do they think, “I will stand there when you sign over every single thing we own.”

I don’t even know what men think when they see this. Perhaps they think “wow dude, that totally cannot have been worth it.” Or, “note to self: don’t run for office.” Or, “doesn't he know about the Internet?”

I can only say this. Were I Ms. Spitzer, I would say, You clearly did not think of me when you got yourself into this, I do not think it is incumbent upon me to get you out of this. We may choose to work through this, but that does not include press conferences.

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