Tuesday, March 11, 2008


I am disappointed that the Governor of New York has been accused of something so plebian as hiring a prostitute. I am stunned that yet another of our politicians would be this reckless. There is even a significant bit of hypocrisy here. Spitzer ran as a law-and-order kind of guy, and prostitution is clearly illegal.

Granted he did not run as an anti-prostitution guy so far as I know. His hypocrisy does not rise to the stunning level of the likes of Rick Renzi (who ran on an anti-abortion platform while stealing from Arizona anti-abortion organizations), or Mark Foley (who ran as a crusader against child abuse while abusing children). I could go on and on.

I must admit I am conflicted about whether Governor Spitzer should resign. He almost single handedly cleaned up Wall Street. Without Mr. Spitzer, many egregious crimes, perpetrated by an under-regulated Wall Street, would never have been prosecuted. The Federal Government was willing to overlook the pillaging of average Americans with a wink and a nod. Only when Spitzer filed suit was the Federal Government goaded into action.

I have to fall back to what I said about John McCain’s “very close” relationship with a lobbyist, I am willing to look beyond some of the things these guys do in their personal lives, unless it clouds their decisions in their elected job working for the people. That is, I do not believe we need to elect perfect people. I mostly care what they do in their jobs as elected officials. So, if the people of New York had to pay for the prostitutes then he should resign. If Mr. Spitzer gave tax breaks to prostitution rings, or cushy jobs to prostitutes in his administration, he should resign. But, if he did it with his own money, I will be very disappointed. I think he has some ‘splanin’ to do to his wife, and he may need to see his day in court, but I don’t care.


dmarks said...

Actually, Spitzer did have an anti-prostitution reputation and record. Please read this page

I'd hardly heard of him until that debate when someone asked Hillary of Spitzer's illegal-alien drivers-license plan, and Hillary seemed totally incapable of giving a straight answer.

Andrew said...

I learned that after I posted. So out he goes as far as I am concerned. Today he went.