Monday, March 31, 2008

Ralph Rapson 1914-2008

World famous architect Ralph Rapson died Saturday. Ralph was a visionary architect and kind man. Of the many wonderful things he designed, the Glass Cube in Amery Wisconsin is most striking to me. It was Ralph's Summer home. Someday I will get to see it in person.

I am sure much will be written and said about Ralph. I just want to add what a wonderful neighbor he was. He lived in a big white house with large pillars. His yard was wooded. At Halloween, walking up to his home was spooky. Ralph would answer the door in fangs with his head of shocking white hair. My kids loved it. At neighborhood gatherings he would sit and talk quietly with a smile and a twinkle in his eye. Ralph and his wife loved children. As the Rapson's lived on the corner, they would encourage kids to cut through their yard on the way to school. The patter of children's feet passing their kitchen sliding door brought them joy.

We have lost the last of a generation of great designer architects. My family and I will miss Ralph, the kind, older man, living on the corner of our street.

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