Thursday, December 28, 2006

Ever wonder why this was not pointed out about Bush or Cheney?

John Edwards announced he is running for the Presidency today. Have you ever wondered why the "liberal media" always seems to focus on how rich John Edwards is? To put this into perspective ask yourself this: how many times has the media said anything about how rich these people are?
1. Dick Cheney - Bllionaire (from Halliburton stock).
2. George Bush - Multi-millionaire (from selling a bankrupt company to his father's friends for a few million and then taking a 10% stake in the Texas Rangers and somehow selling it for significantly more than 10% of the ending value of the team when they sold it. Humm, why would the coowners accept less of their share and award more to the 10% owner?).
3. Bill Frist - Multi-millionaire (his family -including Bill- own a very large hospital chain.
4. I could go on, but you get my point.

When the media talks of these people they say "former CEO of Halliburton, former Governor of Texas, and physician." They never refer to their riches. Why don't they say of John Edwards, "former attorney and Senator"? Just a little food for thought.

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