Sunday, December 17, 2006

Perhaps if we started electing smart people...

I firmly believe that all problems are solvable, even Iraq It does require that people in power take in new information and adjust strategy when warranted. So far we have seen no inclination, on the part of the President, to do that. Too bad for us and the people of Iraq.

Soon the President will be at home on his ranch. He will surround himself with people who will tell him he has done a wonderful job. That is what men who are not curious do. Until he was President he had not been to a foreign country, other than Mexico, probably on Spring break. Why go to other places? Isn't America the best place in the world? What could he learn from other places other than they are not as good as America?

Perhaps next time we elect a President we should find someone who is not just an average "Joe." We should find someone smart and curious. Someone who uses big words and can understand complex concepts and issues. We should look for an extremely smart and talented man or woman. We may not always understand what they are saying but we might find we can trust what they are doing. After all I want the doctor of my kids to know more than me, use bigger words, think bigger thoughts. If I want this for my kids, why would I not want it for my country?

Here is a power point presentation that even the President might understand.

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