Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Presidential credibility, or the lack of it.

E. J. Dion, of the Washington Post, said that President Bush had holes poked in his credibility over the past couple of months. He listed President Bush’s change in language from “we are winning the war in Iraq” to “we are not winning but we are not losing.” E. J. also mentioned the President’s assertion that he would not fire Rumsfeld. Three days later, Rumsfeld was gone.

I am incredulous that EJ Dion has left the impression that holes in the President’s credibility only began to appear recently. Remember what the President ran on in 2000; “I’m a uniter not a divider,” and “I will return high morale to our military” and “we need to return honesty to government,” etc.

In six years I, a center left Democrat, have not been thrown a single bone. How can you be a “uniter” if you don’t throw the center at least one policy bone? How can you maintain morale in the military when you fire any general that disagrees with your policy; or over-commit your military in unwinnable wars? General Shinseki happened to be testifying before Congress at the time and could hardly lie. He was quickly fired for his honor. Honesty to government, you must be kidding? I could go on and on.

I am brought to this conclusion. President Bush, at times, sounded almost rational today. I have heard it all before. Saying it is easy, doing it takes character. President Bush has had ample opportunity to demonstrate that he suffers from severe lack of character. He will say anything and then do what he wants, confident in the assumption that no one will notice. I have had enough of this crap over the past six years. I no longer care what the President says.


Leo said...

I must admit as a right of center Republican that the Administration is a grave disappointment in the War on Terror. As difficult as it is to admit, the administration should have handled this as a police action by working with the FBI and Interpol and arrested the perpetrators of 9/11. It may have taken a long time but at least some many innocent in Iraq and elsewhere would not have been killed. Now the US has to fix what has been broken in Iraq. The US cannot let the Iraqi people down like Vietnam. The US cannot let the dead and maimed die in vain.

Andrew said...

I have to agree with you on this. I wonder if withdrawl is going to work. My hope is there is some strategy that preserves what good things have been done and starts to shift the focus from us to them and their working on imporving their lives. Too much energy is being spent on "getting rid of U.S. troops" in Sunni areas. They don't seem to accept that they are only 20% of Iraq and will be over-run if we leave. should that start to happen you have a problem with Saudi Arabia stepping in to shore the Sunnis up and making sure the they don't get slaughtered.