Thursday, December 28, 2006

Is the government protecting public resources?

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Many people have been skeptical of how well the current Interior Department is protecting our public lands. I do not want to begrudge former administration officials a decent job after public service but... it does give at least the appearance of a conflict of interest when the former head of the Interior Department takes a job with an oil company soon after leaving.

The other part of the equation is many of the government appointees at Interior are from the industries that the department is supposed to regulate.

I guess the analogy would be, if an umpire for a football game was hired from one of the teams, served as an umpire and then went back to that same team upon after the game. Do you think it would be at least reasonable for the opposing team to ask the question "gee whiz, I wonder if that umpire is being fair in making the calls?"

This is just one example, of many, that underscores credibility gap this Administration faces.

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