Thursday, December 21, 2006

Podcasting #2

The first thing you do when deciding to podcast is to buy some stuff. You can either buy the stuff to go in your computer or you can get stuff that is outside your computer. I decided to use the stuff that I could attach outside the computer as I heard it is better (more robust). I may not need something more robust, but I bought it anyway.

At first I was torn between a Zoom H4 digital recorder and an Edirol R-09. I decided on the Zoom as I could plug in two microphones for interviews. When I got to the store they were out of the Zoom. The sales person listened to what I wanted to do and told me about a Tascam package that included everything I needed and cost a little less. I bought it.

Getting the drivers loaded was a pain. I ended up going to the Tascam web site and downloading updated drivers there. I did manage to get the thing to record a file on my computer. For those of us that are not recording engineers or musicians, this process is not exactly intuitive.

Now I just need to figure out how to post one on this blog. Oh yes, I need to do some interviews. All my friends are laying low. None of them want to be my first subject.

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