Saturday, December 30, 2006

Juan Cole knows his stuff.

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Leo said...

Intriguing thoughts by Dr. Cole. While I realize that Dr. Cole is an expert on the Middle East, I have to wonder why he condemns the Bush Administration for not involving the Baathists and their friends in the Iraqi government. I understand the need for unity but my first thought is that this is like General Patton using Nazi's after WW2. Perhaps Putin, a former KGB leader, in Russia is a better example. I would think that Baathists like Nazi's and the KGB should not be included in new governments. The result would be like the mess that exists in Russia today.

I can see his point at the partisan ship in the tribunal and trial but short of taking the proceedings out of Iraq I wonder if that could have been avoided. The winner right or wrong does tend to set the rules. I hope that the US did all that it could to ensure a fair trial. I suppose that they could have shot him dead in the wormhole back in '03 and avoided the whole issue but they didn't. Was this trial an attempt to further humiliate? I hope not. I think that the prosecuters had a lot of evidence to choose from and must have thought that the Dujail incident to be representative.

As to the lack of protection for Saddam’s attorneys, I wonder if anyone is really safe in Iraq. Were there not prosecutors and other legal professionals killed as well?

We will have to wait and see whether or not Saddam’s death adds to the mess. Though I think that it would be hard to tell since the situation looks pretty convoluted now, sort of like adding an ounce of black pigment to Lake Michigan.

We do know that Iran is happy with Saddam's death and does consider this to be justice. I think Iran is right – after all no one is wrong all the time.

I suppose we will have to wait and see.

Andrew said...

Thanks for the comment Leo. I had not had a chance to read this article before I posted it, my wife and I were on our way out to dinner. I have read Dr. Cole's opinions before and knew he would have something cogent to say. Your point is well taken though. I am uncomfortable with the process used to end Saddam's life. I feel we are better than what I witnessed. I do feel he deserved what he got. I just don't like it that we were associated with it.