Sunday, January 7, 2007

Actions Speak Louder Than Words.

I know, you have told me over and over, Iraq is not about oil. It is about freedom and democracy for the Iraqi people. So let me ask just one question. Why is the Iraqi Government voting to give American oil companies 30 year leases on Iraqi oil reserves? Why will the Iraqi government not control the oil? They don't have the capital and technology, you say. Well my guess is that they could get that capital and expertise for a pretty penny less than a 30year obligation and 75% of the profit from the sale of the oil. Who negotiated for them? Whoever it is should be fired.

Why is it that, so far, we have seen no winners in the debacle in Iraq? The Iraqi people have suffered horribly. The American people are out half a trillion dollars and 3000 soldiers. Even the contractors in Iraq are taking a brutal financial beating. What, you say, I am mistaken on the third point? The contractors are making a killing? No, really? Who would have guessed that contractors are making bundles of American money to serve our interests in Iraq? Who are the major contractors in Iraq? Halliburton, you say? So, let me get this straight, Iraq has turned into a total debacle for everyone but Halliburton. Wow, I bet no one could have guessed that, least of all Vice President Cheney.

Here is more on the leases being voted on.


Leo said...

Reads like an investigation should be made into this deal. Like you imply I wonder if the Iraqi's did this on their own or were "encouraged". Cynically I would not be surprised to find out that lobbyists were paying Iraqi officials for their vote. I suppose time will tell.

I would like to see some recompense for the US taxpayers at some point rather than private industry reaping the benefit. I am always concerned that schools and public infrastructure pay too high a price for US foreign aid.

Andrew said...

It seems so logical to me. I don't know why this is so hard.

Leo said...

What gets me is the contradiction that is America. On one hand the government can be honest to a fault but on the other selfishly enriching a few over the many beyond our worst expectations. This is one of the reasons that I am a term limit fan and would like to see this extended to the cabinet and other non-elected officials. If we can take away the ability of individuals to accumulate power over the years then perhaps we can find a more ethical government. But perhaps I am dreaming...

Andrew said...

I am predisposed to term limits also. I do not think we need to stop them at two terms though. Perhaps three for Senators and six for Representatives.

If we had instant run-off and publicly funded elections... now you are really talking. I am sure both of those things come with their own set of problems or unintended consequences.

If it was easy, it would not be so damn interesting.

Have a great week Leo,