Thursday, January 25, 2007

Michele Bachmann, how old are you?

I have received some notes on the embarrassment this is causing Minnesotans. Michele Bachmann met the President after the SOTU and I found it hard to tell if she was a U. S. House Member, or a teenage school girl. Why do I keep having flashbacks of the Florida Representative, Katheryn Harris. They even look a bit alike. Were they separated at birth?

If I lived in the northern suburbs of Minneapolis/Saint Paul, I would be wondering who I had sent to Washington. If I were the President I would tell my aids, "do everything you can to keep that woman away from me." If I were her husband, I would not know what to do.

Michele, perhaps you should act your age and act with the decorum your office deserves. Washington is not a rock concert and you are not a thirteen year old.

By the way, your votes so far have been awful. So far you have voted "no" on stem cell research, breaking the link between lobbying and legislation, student loan interest rate cuts, repealing tax breaks for big energy, implementing the 9/11 commission's recommendations, and allowing government to negotiate lower costs with drug companies. So far I give you a big fat zero. I would suggest you enjoy your time in office as you may be gone in two years.


Leo said...

I saw your good Minnesotan Representative (not your district but kin as it were) on one of the on-line news sources. She seems to have been drawing power from the president and could not let go. I am sure that like Moses coming down from Sinai she will glow for days. As a result I am sure that she will represent her district all the better and the issues with which you are concerned will go away.

Her attention to the President also does benefit me too, depending on where her district is it may include my companies HQ since it is in what I recall to be the Northern burbs of Minneapolis/Saint Paul - I hope that she does all she can to ingratiate herself to the the President and thus benefit the mothership, as it were. Yup, looks like a win-win to me.

If there is anything else I can do to encourage you then please let me know.

Andrew said...

Thanks for the laugh this morning. It was a great start to my day. If you ever visit the "mothership" I get to buy you dinner.


Leo said...

You are welcome - glad that you liked it.

Its been about a year since I've been up there so who knows I may be able to take you up on that dinner one day.

Out of curiosity what did you think of Jesse Ventura and his performance as governor?