Saturday, January 6, 2007

Rahm Immanual is a creep

Read this first.

I am sure this is how politics works for both parties and it stinks. I have never trusted Rep. Rahm Emanuel. He tried to take a lot of credit for the sea-change in Washington, even though his hand-selected Democratic candidates were often trounced by progressive candidates in the primary. The Progressive candidates then went on to win in the general election by being, well, progressive. Emanuel has a history of trying to have conservative Democrats run against Republican conservatives thus giving the voter no real choice. In the past the voters have overwhelmingly voted for the Republican. The talking points put out by the Republicans were not really challenged by the Democrats, if anything they were reinforced. True discussion was not introduced into campaigns.

Once the progressives had progressive blogs to get their word out, and raise money, they became more viable. I believe this was one big difference in the last election.

On the other side of the isle, where are the fiscal conservatives? Where are the Goldwater conservatives? They have experienced the same thing as the progressive Democrats. They cannot add their views to the public discourse because the party says they have to repeat a dumbed down message that can be pounded over and over again by the political machine. Both parties know that voters respond to simple messages. Voters then don't pay attention after election day. The winning party can do as it pleases. The American people are back to watching NASCAR.

Things may have changed this time. You had two factions of the Democratic Party fighting for power, the "inside the beltway crowd" and the "progressive crowd." The progressive crowd won this election The 'inside the beltway crowd" took some notice.

Now it is up the the Republican fiscal conservatives and Goldwater conservatives to do the same thing in their party They need to bring true political, and policy, discourse back to America. I think America has had enough of meaningless, obtuse talking points from both parties. Life is complex. Politicians need to get to work and deal with it.

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