Thursday, January 11, 2007

Now we get to see where they really stand.

For the last four years Senators, like Norm Colman, have been able to pretend to be moderate and yet support the Republican hard right. The Senate leadership would allow senators in moderate states to cast votes against a bills pushed by the White House only if they knew that the vote would not matter. They would then rotate this "privilege" among the moderate senators. The Republican leadership knew that they only needed to win by one vote. They would allow Senators like Colman to appear to "hold the line" on the National Wildlife Refuge and still maintain power when he gets re-elected as a moderate.

The problem is that this makes our Senator from Minnesota, as well as a number of others, a lap-dog. When they say jump, he jumps, when they say sit, he sits. I do not elect anyone to be a lap dog. Much less a lap dog for an "all hat, no cattle" bully from Texas.

Norm will have some new found freedom being in the minority. He will work the center hard, hoping to get re-elected. I wonder if it will work? I actually don't think it will. I think Norm's days are numbered. Let's just say, his first four years were a "defining moment" for him.

Here is some more on the issue.

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