Tuesday, January 30, 2007

The War on Science

Governmental agencies are supposed to be consistent in their administration of government policy and law. Generally laws don't change with a new administration. This is important. Can you imagine, if every time a new President was elected, our laws changed. The reason that things don't tend to change much, as administrations come and go, is because government bureaucrats tend to deal with long term, public policy, based on facts, not based on politics.

President Bush is doing his best to change that. If it were up to him, all enforcement and information, administered by governmental agencies, would be based on political expediency. The President has, again, shown his disregard for the checks and balances inherent in our system of government. He has also, again, shown his willingness to make politics and religion the basis for his public policy. When you think about it, why would he bother basing policy on science. That "science thing" is so inconvenient. It is hard to manipulate science, and science tends to gives answers that contradict what the President wants to do do.

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