Friday, January 26, 2007


It is interesting to me that, once our government begins to work with checks and balances, the Administration quickly changes it’s position on a domestic spying program that they assured us was legal. We have been hearing something like this for a few years: “trust us, it is legal. There is no need for FISA or congressional oversight. In fact, to ask exercise this oversight would be to infringe on the rights of the executive branch of government. For the press even to ask questions is unpatriotic, even treasonous. If you question us, you will be giving aid to the enemy by telling them what we are doing to fight them.”

Now that we have a Congress that is willing to ask logical questions and will not abdicate it’s authority to the executive branch, we find the Executive Branch changing a program they assured us was legal and could not succeed under FISA. When they reversed their policy this past month, I heard no complaining, from the administration, that domestic wiretapping will be less effective under FISA, have you?

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