Friday, January 26, 2007

U. S Attorney firing is being challenged.

Here is the reason why the provision inserted into the patriot act, that U. S. Attorneys can be replaced, without Congressional oversight, is likely to be unconstitutional.

If you are wondering why I feel this is an important issue here is my brief explanation. U. S. Attorneys are often the first line of prosecution in Federal corruption cases. If you are a corrupt administration you could simply replace U.S. Attorneys that are investigating the corruption with U.S. Attorneys that are friendly to your administration. Remember, the Administration gets to appoint U.S. Attorneys at the beginning of their term. As it stands, they must be approved by Congress. Here is the rub. If you ask an attorney to step down, the replacement does not need to be approved by Congress under the new Patriot Act.

If you don't believe that any Administration would go so far as to fire a U. S. Attorney working on a case the Administration found embarrassing, then you should look at the cases that the current group of ousted U.S Attorney's was working on, and then look at the political backgrounds of who these attorneys are being replaced with. Here is more information.


Crazy Uke said...

You flaming cretinous moronic imbecile.

History has taught you nothing.

In the history of the republic, only one individual was/is sufficiently corrupt and criminal enough to execute what you fear.

Upon taking office William Jefferson Blythe Clinton FIRED EVERY SINGLE US ATTORNEY.

Where were you?

Andrew said...

Perhaps you were not paying attention, so let me help you out. It is common for a newly elected President to appoint all new U.S. Attorney's. Appointing new ones is not the problem, as they have to be approved by Congress.
The problem occurs when the U.S. Attorneys, Presidents appoint, are fired. Under the new Patriot Act, these "replacements" are not subject to congressional apporval. Therin lies the problem.

Now, for your tone. If you ever come on my blog with the tone you have used here, I will delete your comments. Troll somewhere else.

Leo said...

Interesting situation, first I heard of it, a simple search turned up the Kevin Ryan back dating of stocks issue and his subsequent resignation. Looks like Sen. Feinstein has raised the red flag. I am sure that Gonzalez will have a clear explanation as to what is going on but perhaps not.

Andrew said...

I hope so Leo. I am a bit concerned because the Attorney asked to step down in California is working on the, ever-expanding, Duke Cunningham case. She was appointed by the President and now The Attorney General's Office says she is being let go, because they want her to focus on violent crime more. At least that is what I have heard.