Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Iran, people are people

I have always thought that when it comes down to it, people are people, no matter where they live. If someone makes a decision that you just can't comprehend, rest assured, they are using a different set of information than you are. Nine times out of ten, if they have the same information as you do, they will make the same decision.

Here is some interesting polling in Iran. These people deal with very different information than we have here in the US. Yet, I am surprised, and happy, to tell you that they come to many of the same conclusions we do.
The big question for us to answer is, who has better information on these issues? It seems to me that the population with better information will come to more accurate conclusions. Are you willing to bet the validity of Fox News' information against any other news organization, in any country? Those of you who watch Fox News are disqualified from having to answer this question, as most of you still think that Saddam Hussein attacked the the World Trade Center. Enough said.

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