Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Digby on Iran

I fear that Digby, at Hullabaloo, may be right on this one:

"I realize that it's hard for people to believe they would actually start another war as this one is going so very badly. Believe it. They really do this crazy stuff as they've demonstrated over and over again.

It's obvious that everyone should be mobilizing against this next war, but once again their sheer, nutty audacity seems to have paralyzed everyone. They have a real gift for making you mistrust what you are seeing with your own eyes."

I remember having the feeling, Digby mentions above, when I first heard the Administration mention Iraq. I thought, "what are they nuts, who has time to think about an irrelevant country like Iraq?" I remember being incredulous at first. I then thought, "well they must know something I don't."

It turns out I should have gone with my first feeling of incredulity, and stayed there. They actually knew even less than I did.


Leo said...

Your link to Hullabaloo does not seem to work.

Andrew said...

Thanks Leo