Saturday, April 7, 2007


When the far right pushes stories like Pelosi in Syria, and Pelosi wearing a scarf to cover her hair, they are clearly trying to change the subject. Anyone who knows how to get out of bed in the morning knows that a number of Congress people have been going to Syria and women who go to conservative Muslim nations wear scarves. Rice wore one and Mrs. Bush wore one on their trips.

So why the blatant hypocrisy? I think the Republicans are trying to do anything they can to change the subject from Gonzales' politicization of the Justice Department; FBI lawbreaking and wire tapping; Bush's arrogant recess appointments; and Cheney's, Hatch's, and McCain's stunning misstatements or outright lies. The media is playing along, to some degree, by giving the Republican's uncritical airtime.

Congress is on Easter recess. When they return the bloviation will continue, but I believe it will be overshadowed by the reality of further exposures of Government malfeasance and further investigations by Congress.

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