Tuesday, April 17, 2007

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RE: US Attorneys

This begs the question, why is Rove so consumed by pushing a voter fraud theme? There is seems to be virtually no Democratic voter fraud problem, but Rove, through US Attorneys, has been demanding prosecution of voter fraud cases no matter how bogus they were. Why?

Is it voter suppression he is after? Perhaps. Is it a theme that democrats are crooked and will juice the elections to win? More likely this is the case. I guess he is hoping for a voter backlash against Democrats and all the "voter fraud" out there.

I have repeatedly heard stories of Mickey Mouse being a registered voter and thus, the story goes, there is voter fraud. In fact this has been investigated by an number of U S Attorneys offices, and what was found is that Democratic voter registration employees, canvassing neighborhoods, were paid by the number of people they registered. So they made people up.

Once this problem was understood, the method of payment was changed and the bogus name issue disappeared. In fact the U S Attorney investigating the allegation in New Mexico found no evidence of actual fraud as he found it unlikely that anyone would actually vote as "Mickey Mouse."

David Iglasias put the case where it belonged, in the dust bin, much to Senator Pete Domichi's consternation. He made a call to David Iglasias. When Iglasies said he could not talk about cases he was fired for not following administration policy. That is, not bringing the bogus case. In Wisconsin the U S Attorney pulled the case out of the dust bin and prosecuted. One attorney bows to political pressure and saves his job, one does not, and is fired. Humm.

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