Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Minnesota high taxes?

There is a lot of jabber out there that Minnesotans pay the seventh highest taxes per capita of the 50 states. The conclusion you are supposed to draw is that we are over taxed.

Note the wording though: "Minnesota ranked seventh in taxes collected per capita." They never say we have the highest rate. They talk in terms of actual dollars collected.

Why is this so important? Well, it turns out that Minnesotans have the eighth highest income per capita. It seems only logical that if you have the eighth highest income you would have the eighth highest tax collected per capita.

It turns out that Minnesota ranks 25th in tax rate per capita. You heard me correctly. We are totally average when you account for the fact that we are a wealthy state in per capita income.

So whenever I hear someone moan about their "high" state taxes, I say "If you want to pay lower taxes then simply cut your income." Until then, save your breath.

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