Saturday, April 14, 2007

Take a step back

We have gotten to the ironic point, in this unholy quagmire, where the Congress of the United States is investigating the Justice Department of the United States! Think about it. The Department of Justice, the instrument, in our Democracy, that is supposed to dispense justice, is itself being investigated. What seems clear to all, in both parties, is that the investigation is legitimate.

Only the typical strident idiots are still clinging, by a pinkie fingernail, to the ludicrous assertion that politics is the sole driver of the investigation bus. The bus is loaded with legitimate questions about how just our Justice Department is. We are now seeing evidence of unjust prosecution and obfuscation of legitimate investigations into public corruption.

At what time do we call a spade a spade. Our Justice Department has been co opted by right wing partisan politics, just like our Interior Department, and our Commerce Department. It seems the only department that is fighting back may be our Defense Department. Then again, they are the only department that pays a personal price for criminally misguided policies.

Who pays the price for misguided policies at Justice, Commerce and the Interior? The Tax Payers, and this astounding price will be paid for years to come. Every rock in this administration has buckets of slime under it. Get used to turning rocks over and uncovering our shame.

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