Friday, April 13, 2007

We knew this, but now it is documented.

From Think Progress:

Today, the House Judiciary Committee released a new set of documents from the Department of Justice relating to the firings of eight U.S. Attorneys.
The last page of document set 3 contains an email from Monica Goodling with an attached Excel spreadsheet on “USA data (GWB).”
The spreadsheet appears to assess a list of U.S. Attorneys based on a variety of different qualifications, including prosecution experience and political experience. But there is one column dedicated solely to an assessment of whether the attorneys are members of the
Federalist Society. See below. The far right column contains a data column for “FedSoc”:

If you read the Federalist Society web site you would think they were reasonable people and what could be the harm in having a requirement that US Attorneys be members? Well, as always, it depends on what direction they take in implementing policy. For example: "Members of the society have debated the abolition of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, limiting the power of the Environmental Protection Agency and other agencies, limiting the reach of gender equity laws (Title IX) and voting rights laws, and expanded powers of war-time presidents. The organization also hosts panels discussing recent Supreme Court decisions, the constitutionality of school vouchers, and the scope of the commerce clause.[7]"

From Wikipedia, you can read this. If you wonder if The Federalist Society is conservative, just look at the far right wing who fund it:

The Federalist Society is funded by its modest members dues and other grants. It has received over $12 million in grants from conservative foundations, such as the Earhart, Bradley, Simon, and Olin foundations, as well as the Carthage, Koch, and Scaife Foundations.

Who do you know that is a member?

"The Society has many prominent conservative members, including United States Supreme Court Justices Antonin Scalia (who served as the original faculty advisor to the organization), Samuel Alito and Clarence Thomas, former United States Circuit Court Judge Robert Bork, former United States Attorney General Edwin Meese, former United States Solicitor General Ted Olson, Senator Orrin Hatch, former United States Solicitor General Kenneth Starr and Congressman Dan Lungren."

Ted Olson is one heck of a peice of work and I know of someone who went to law school with Antonin Scalia. She was on Law Review and Scalia, frustrated by her presence, asked her why she was not at home "raising babies."

From People For The American Way:

Since its inception, the Federalist Society has played a key role in advancing the right-wing agenda. As a ideological proving ground for ultra-conservative activists, lawyers, and scholars, the Federalist Society has long served as a valuable professional network for those on the Right and has proved to be a valuable resource from which the Bush administration has culled not only numerous administration officials, but also judicial nominees.

So much of a "fair and balanced" Judiciary and a unbiased Justice Department.

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