Friday, April 27, 2007

Hypocracy pointed out by Digby

You Can't Win
by digby
This is just ridiculous.

From Cliff Schecter:
In a column that can only be described as hysterical (in every sense of the
word), Roger Simon over at Drudge Jr. (that's The Politico)
criticizes John
for mentioning Christ in his prayer. Yeah, we all know how
the Democrats are constantly using Christ in th
eir politics, using the Bible as a reason to push forward certain political

Here's what Simon wrote;

Does John Edwards include Jews in his prayers? Or Muslims? Or Hindus? Or any
other non-Christians?He didn’t the other day. The other day, in order to
commemorate those killed at Virginia Tech, Edwards led a prayer “in Christ’s
name” at Ryman Auditorium, which bills itself as “Nashville’s Premier
Performance Hall.”Edwards has a perfect right to pray publicly or privately any
way he wants to. But people who are not Christians often feel left out of
prayers like his.
So after years and years of being told that they must appeal to the vast numbers of Christians who would vote for Democrats if only they weren't so hostile to their faith, the new rule is that the godless Democrats must not emphasize their own Christian faith or risk being called intolerant. Meanwhile, if they include other religions in their speeches, holiday greetings and prayers, they are said to be waging a war on Christians. Why, if I didn't know better, I'd think that Democrats just can't win with these people. Once again, this proves that Democrats are completely wasting their time ever responding to beltway insider CW. Their game is rigged and the only way to make people trust government is to stop. listening. to. the. pundits.

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