Friday, April 13, 2007

Utter BS

My wife asked me this week why I pay attention to all this political stuff. "Doesn't it get you depressed?" I have to admit that it does not. It has become better than watching sports for me. Think about it, we get to watch powerful people trying to wiggle out of impossible positions. Reality keeps getting in the way of there stories and the press is slowly beginning to catch on to the stunning inconsistencies. The mantra of "say obvious falsehoods often, with a straight face, and loud enough and people will eventually tire of the whole thing and believe you" is wearing thin after six years.

Here is a clip of White House Press Spokesperson, Dana Parino, trying to explain how, on Wednesday, the President could blame Congress' supplemental spending bill for potential longer deployments in Iraq; while the very next day the Pentagon extended deployments. It seems obvious, to anyone with a brain, that supplemental spending bills had nothing to do with the extended deployment. She says that the President did not know that his entire military force would be extedned the very next day. Now there is a hefty confidence builder in our Commander and Chief.

Here is a clip of Kyle Sampson trying to explain why he wrote a memo saying that Karl Rove wanted Griffin appointed as US Attorney, while at the same time saying he did not talk to Rove about it and had no information that it was important to Mr Rove, implying that politics had nothing to do with it. Oh, I get it. The appointment of Griffin was both important and not important to Karl Rove. Now that Kyle has explained it so eloquently we can move on, can't we?

I'm telling you, all this squirming is better than NHL hocky playoffs. Unless the Wild get buy the Ducks, of course

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