Saturday, April 21, 2007

Slime under rocks

It is hard to keep up with the slime under every rock, but I will give you a little update from this week. I will not include Gonzales or the Supreme Court decision, as these are examples of slime on a rock not under it.

1. President Bush has refuse to extradite a Venezuelan terrorist with a long history of violent attacks in Latin America. Why? He is concerned that the terrorist will be tortured. How is that for hypocritical Chutzpa!

2. Two house Republicans had their offices raided by the FBI and stepped down from their committee assignments this week. Doolittle, R-CA and Renzi, R-AZ are not the first and will not be the last.

3. The Justice Department has been asked by the Education Department's Inspector General to investigate Reading First, a Bush administration program to teach poor children to read. Apparently the Inspector has documented rampant cronyism, conflicts of interest and bias in how federal officials and private consultants operated the program.

I believe rampant cronyism, conflicts of interest and self dealing in every department of the federal government under Bush. He has replaced many levels of management at governmental agencies with his cronies and they, in turn, funnel money to their cronies or themselves. It is just standard operating procedure for this crowd.

This departmental abuse is also why the problems with the Justice Department are such a nightmare. The Justice Department is tasked with investigating this self dealing. They have not been doing so, and we citizens are paying the price. I call it the raping of the tax payer.

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