Friday, March 23, 2007

Always on a Friday. And I Mean, Always!

If the Bush Administration needs to release bad news, they always do it on a Friday. If you want to know what your government is doing, you really only need to read the Saturday paper. All the stuff they don't want you to see is there. It is like being a voyeur or something.

This Friday was no different. It turns out that Gonzales lied under oath. Emails, released today (Friday, of course) prove it.

Gonzales is gone. The bus is up to speed and the big guy is warmed up for the throw. It is only a matter of time until the G-man is thrown under the speeding yellow, well you know.

One question remains, when? Are we talking Monday or Tuesday. My guess is that, if the Administration thinks it will cause any political heat, they will do it on a.... you guessed it, Friday!

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