Friday, March 9, 2007

Swift Boat Creep Gets Appointed as Ambassador

From the Washington Times:

"The Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing was a study in Washington decorum. For the first hour and a half, senators tossed Mr. Fox fat softballs -- praising his background and family. Finally Sen. John Kerry had the courage to ask him a straightforward and unemotional question: "Do you believe that the truth in public life is important?" Mr. Fox couldn't quite square his profession of commitment to the truth with his hefty contribution to a terrible lie. Instead, Mr. Fox repeatedly said he abhorred dirty politics. He said, "I'm against 527s, I've always been against 527s." He also defended it by claiming that he was on the record as being opposed to 527s. Did he simply believe that two wrongs make a right? As the questioning continued, Mr. Fox squirmed, fidgeted and stammered as he struggled to justify the unjustifiable. He delivered a graduate course in hemming and hawing. The most amazing thing we learned during the hearing -- if Mr. Fox is to be believed -- is that he can't remember who asked him to write the $50,000 check to fund the dirty tricks. "I can't tell you specifically because I don't remember."

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