Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Calling all good Republicans, and Democrats.

Get rid of this crowd. They are killing us all. I would say they are killing your party, but we are all going down with the ship. Our country is based on a two party system. Until we get instant runoff, we need to work with both Partys. Both Partys need to be reasonable, accountable and credible. A Republican party demise is not in the Contry's best interest. Republicans need a purge, starting at the top and reaching down deep into the various government agencies that have been contaminated with the current Administrartion. Remember, these guys did not just appoint department heads, which is customary for an administration, they filled many levels with their minions.

We cannot govern effectively with one party bullying the other. We cannot govern if one party is selling government to the highest bidder. We cannot govern if one party refuses to do the hard work of setting good policy. Government is not a candy store to be looted. It is not a rape of Government coffers, that makes your friends rich. Governing is not denigrating the very system you were elected to preserve and protect.

Come on guys, all of us need to do something.

This goes for the Democrats too. Get to work cleaning up this mess. Use the power of the purse to get good government employees back to work. Work with the GAO and CBO to put good systems back in place. Get checks and balances working again. Get on the campaign trail and offer good solutions to complex problems. It will be a lot of work, and it won't be fun. It is never fun to clean up the kitchen when the dog has shit all over the place, ripped up the walls, and attacks you whenever you enter the room. We need to throw the dog outside, clean up the kitchen, and get cooking again.

Update # 1: Here is Matt Stoller on this issue. I read this just now, and he speaks of what jeopardy the Republican party is in.

"Firing prosecutors for not sufficiently going after Democrats or for going after corrupt Republicans is a whole different level of corruption. This is new territory. You see, from what I understand, prosecutors tend to be Eisenhower-style Republicans who are tough on crime, and Defense Attorneys tend to be Hubert Humphrey Democrats who believe strongly in civil rights and protecting the weak. But lawyers also tend to be professionals. And this whole purge is throwing the culture of professionalism in legal circles upside down - liberal blogs like TPM are attracting readers who are culturally traditional Republicans, and it's conservative Republicans in Congress who are going after prosecutors for prosecuting criminals. It's the Scooter Libby's who are begging for mercy and justice, and the Bushniks that are 'soft on crime' and spitting on our troops through their mistreatment of veterans care....Longer-term, a whole generation of politically neutral and ambitious prosecutors and professionals have been exposed to the conservative movement, the media, the wise men of Washington, and the progressive movement for what they really are. These are future Mayors, Governors, Congressmen, Senators, and Presidents, and they are being defended by liberal bloggers and Democrats in Congress against an onslaught of corrupt Republicans and a lazy media spearheaded by people like Time Magazine's Jay Carney, who called the prosecutor purge a conspiracy theory.
It's impossible to deny what you have personally experienced. Being on the receiving end of a whole lot of unprofessional, corrupt, and dishonest behavior by Republicans brings a lot of clarity to your politics. That's what Bush and his cronies have done for a whole lot of ambitious and intelligent people who will never forget what they are experiencing now. If a conservative is a liberal who was mugged the night before, then a liberal is a conservative who got in the way of a Republican used car salesman. Bush has built a liberal factory."

Update #2: This guy actually talked for 45 minutes at The Heritage Foundation. Trust me, you need only listen to part of it to get the redundant gist of his ranting. I am stunned by his simplistic, fact free talk. He spoke at a conservative "think tank." Guys like this are the problem with our "good vs evil" political system today. He is the king of oversimplification and slur. Ask yourself why he is speaking to bright people. More important, why are they bothering to listen. I cannot understand it for a moment. I cannot imagine listening to the "liberal" equivalent for a moment either. I am not even sure I know of a liberal equivalent.


Leo said...

I must agree with your comments on the "humorist" Sounds like he was creating the perfect strawman and then burning it down. An untalented Ann Coulter - Very pathetic.

I do have to wonder about the things that are going on in the Bush Administration - Libby, Iraq, and the firing of the US Attorneys. Can't say I was too impressed either when I read in "The End of Iraq" pg's 142-144 that an important element of the presidents criteria for an Iraqi President was a man who stated clearly that he thanked America for intervening in Iraq.

It is going to be up to the Democrats to build a coalition with clear thinking Republican's to right the ship. I hope that they are up to the task.

Andrew said...

Thanks Leo, I know I am ranting but I think we can have a great majority of the good people in America to get back on track. I pine for the days when we could passionately disagree on many topics and still have a beer afterwords. I just feel bad for my conservative friends. I know they are good people, with good ideas. They are needed to keep things in balance here in our wonderful country.
I was very frightened by what I saw comming out of the likes of Tom Delay. He wanted to kill the Democratic party. No one who cherishes our democracy wants to stomp out the opposition. We all need a healthy oposition for our democracy to work.