Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Conservatives, I beg to differ.

Here is an interesting video from CPAC

After watching this video I was struck by how much some of the people at the conference think people like me are crazed in their hatred of the conservative movement and everything associated with it.

I don't "hate" Conservatives. I really like ones that are reasonably well informed and willing to talk about ideas. I do, however really dislike some that have a middle school bully mentality. I really am disturbed by those unwilling to open their minds and know political talking points are not a "considered opinion."

In many ways I tend to be conservative. I look before I leap. I tend towards incremental change, I think we should be informed by history. I prefer policy based on facts, with continuous reevaluation for effectiveness, of course. I believe government has a place in society, but it can be ineffective if used to solve all problems all the time.

Why do some conservatives think I am the enemy? I think a lot of conservative leaders (Karl Rove, Grover Nordquist, Newt Gingrich, Fox News, and talk radio) have made up a "liberal" enemy so they can motivate their constituents to fight like hell and not think too much.

I guess I wish more conservatives were, well, more conservative.

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