Tuesday, March 13, 2007



voyageur said...

Kind of an odd angle: looked just a bit like the Millenium Falcon.

Andrew said...

I am not familiar with the Millenium Falcon. It is an escow. Very fast and technical. It attracts some of the best sailers in the world when they sail on a lake. I sail it a lot all over the US. I will try to find some better pictures for you.

Leo said...
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Leo said...

Millennium Falcon is Star Wars! Where is your cultural relevance!

The picture reminds me of one wonderful summer about 15 years ago when I joined a sail racing team on Lake St. Clair.

what a sail boat, ah, she was yar - Recalling those famous words spoken by Katherine Hepburn to Cary Grant.

Another benefit was being able to enjoy the beautiful lake scrubbed clean by Zebra Mussels leaving behind an eden of seaweed (lakeweed)