Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Boots On The Ground-In America

Our President always says he will listen to the "boots on the ground" in Iraq. Why does he not do this when it comes to the "boots on the ground" in America?

Glenn Greenwald has an article where he comments on a meeting, that Bush had last week, with neocons. I was, at first, "creeped out", as Kos says. Once I thought about it a little, it registered that the President was allowing the neocons to manipulate him. They kept telling him to ignore reality and do what God would want, as if they knew what God would want. Last I checked, the neocons do not have a telephone to God, though I will have to defer to those that know more about telecommunications with heaven. Is our President so divorced from reality that he has to use God as an intoxicant? Read the article. Have I gotten the wrong impression of all of this?

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