Saturday, March 24, 2007

Just An Observation

Have you ever noticed how many former associates of the Bush administration end up testifying against the Bush administration? I point this out to contrast it with the Clintons. While they were no gems, can you remember a former associate who ended up testifying against them? I can't remember a single one. Some of them went to prison and still held the Clintons in high esteem. Many were investigated because they were associates of the Clintons. One went to jail, for other stuff that turned up, when their dealings were scrutinized.

(Note to self, if I am going to do something illegal, don't associate with a future president. Their political opponents might just take me down, to embarrass the President.)

It seems like all the generals who retire come out against Iraq policy, many of the Administration associates, who leave, or are fired, come out against domestic policy. Kwo, Powell, Lindsey, O'Neill come immediately to mind. If you let me use Google I will be able to think of lots more. Sometimes I think that the only people who like Bush policy are the ones still getting rich from it, or those so dirty they don't want to say anything for fear of going to jail.


Dawn said...

Dick Morris was Clinton's right hand man. He may not have testified against the Clintons, but once he saw how truly evil they were (especially Hillary) he has spoken out against them every chance he can get.

Andrew said...

I did think of Dick Moris. I wonder how much is real and how much is a way for him to make money. I also wonder about Stephanopolous. You could be right, but I have to admit I wonder. Then again, your point is well taken, that there are people who left the Clinton Admin and did not like them.

Dawn said...

I've never really seen too much of Stephanopolous since he's been out of the Clinton Admin, but I do seem to remember being a little surprised that he'd say anything negative about them at all.

With Morris I do believe that it is a real dislike he has toward them. I think he felt that all was fair in the love and war of politics, but he got a glimpse of just how far past the political realm they would go to literally destroy people and that was where he drew the line. I would say that in his mind, if he can make money off of his opinions on the Clintons...BONUS! But I may just be giving Morris too much credit.

Leo said...

Interestingly the Think Progress site links to the Congressional Research Service states 31 Clinton administration associates testified during proceedings. They may have thought the Clinton's "clean" but they still testified.