Monday, March 19, 2007


How many divorces among the entire field of Democratic contenders? 1

How many divorces among the entire field of Republican contenders? 5

From The Horses Mouth

I have never said we need to elect choir boys and girls. I'm just sayin'.... jeez louise!


Dawn said...

Well, I think we should elect choir boys and girls, but that's just me. If our reps will screw around on their wives, then what's to stop them from screw around on their constituents?

Not to detract from your trivia and not to excuse the Republicans, but I do wonder how many Dems have been unfaithful to their spouses yet remain married for whatever reason (e.g., for appearances in general, to keep their position, etc.). At least two come to mind.

Andrew said...

Good point.

I would also like to elect choir boys and girls. I think, however, that the people that are attracted to being a politician, on the national stage, are often willing to sacrifice their families for their ambition. This does not lead to a healthy marriage in many cases. I don't know why they are willing to do it. I guess we should be happy someone is willing to run. I wouldn't.

Dawn said...

Yeah. It seems we no longer have statesmen in our government, rather we have politicians. Puke!