Friday, March 23, 2007

U S Attorney Carol Lam

Let’s pretend I hire you to help me around the farm. I ask you to dig a hole. You begin to dig. I then ask you to build a fence. You tell me that you have not finished digging the hole, but will get to it once you are done. Pretend I then criticize you for not doing your job and fire you. What lesson have you learned from this?

1. I was supposed to build the fence first, and then return to the hole.

2. I changed my mind about digging the hole. I really just wanted the fence?

3. I do not understand how long it takes to dig a hole.

4. Since it is clear that one person can’t build a fence and dig a hole simultaneously, I had simply decided to fire you. The failure to build the fence was just an excuse to do that.

Here is the story from The Voice Of San Diego

Now read the story and tell me how US Attorney Carol Lam was supposed to interpret her firing.

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