Wednesday, March 28, 2007

What kind of creep would do this?

President Bust nominated Sam Fox to be ambassador to Belgium. No biggy, many political cronies are given irrelevant ambassador jobs to countries in Europe where there is little, if any, conflict. It is considered a reward for partisan service. Both parties do it.

Here is the rub. Sam Fox was a big donor for the "Swift Boat Veterans For Truth" that questioned John Kerry's war record. John Kerry sits on the committee that approves nominations of ambassadors. Why would Bush nominate Fox?

Did Bush think that Kerry would just let bygones be bygones? Did he think Kerry would not be man enough to speak out? Did he think that Kerry would be professional enough to just overlook the smear campaign and approve Fox anyway?

The only similar experience, that Bush has in this arena was the 2000 campaign and John McCain. Bush cronies smeared McCain in South Carolina and four years later McCain hugged Bush in front of the national media.

I guess Kerry was not willing to play the same toadie. Today the White House withdrew Fox's nomination in advance of almost certain defeat at the hands of Kerry's committee.

By the way, I think the "hug" was the beginning of the end for McCain. It was a perfect example of McCain putting political expediency ahead of personal honor. It was a defining moment for those of us paying attention. McCain's character came up lacking.

Bush seems to expect people to roll over for him no matter what he does to them. Where does this come from? Who among us would expect people to bow to our wishes no matter what horrible thing we do to them? This would make an interesting psychological study in profound arrogance.

Update re: the todie, John McCain

Here is a post by Josh Marshall about McCain. Apparently the rumor is that McCain was considering switching to an Independent party just before Jeffords did it.

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